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Omnia Australia International/Oro Agri®


Omnia Holdings is a diversified Group with specialised products, services and solutions for the agricultural, mining and the chemical industries. Omnia creates customer wealth by leveraging knowledge. Omnia continues to grow and prosper, offering extraordinary values to its customers by tailoring unique solutions to their business. Omnia distributes internationally to more than 100 countries.
Omnia International (Australia) is a leading manufacturer of specialty fertilizers including humates, fulvates and seaweed products; manufactured in Australia since 1990. Omnia’s product range has expanded to include fertilizer coatings, organic chelated trace elements, foliar fertilizers and seaweed products, all with an organic base and mostly organically certified. Omnia produces the worlds most concentrated humates and is internationally recognised for quality and proven performance.
ORO AGRI® is the producer of agricultural "soft chemistry" products which fall under the organic, sustainable or environmentally friendly categories. Products include biopesticides, adjuvants and soil conditioners.