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23-25 September 2019 / 2019年9月23-25日
Sichuan Province 中国,四川成都,
Chengdu, China

The Leading China Annual Conference & Exhibition Covering High Tech Ag 中国区域领先的高科技农业会议暨展览

Quality, Technology, Opportunity 品质,科技,商机

The Leading China Annual Conference & Exhibition Covering High Tech Ag 中国区域领先的高科技农业会议暨展览

After the successes of 2018 in Nanning city with more than 260 delegates, this September, New Ag International China Conference & Exhibition will take the leading companies to Chengdu city, to explore Southwest China, an emerging and energetic market.

2018年在南宁举办的New Ag International第二届中国区会议暨展览迎来了260余位参会代表。今年我们将联合国内外行业优秀企业来到四川成都,以高品质会议内容和展出产品,共同服务中国西南这片生机勃勃的市场!

New Ag International China Conference and Exhibition / New Ag International第三届中国区会议暨展览

Why Chengdu? 为何选择成都?

- Southwest China is the rising region of various cash crops, including vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants, etc.

- The large-scale plantations in Southwest China make the farmers more open to the advanced technologies and higher efficiency plant nutrition products which enhance both the quality and productivity of the crops.

- Chengdu is the central city in Southwest China, with convenient transportation to the neighbouring provinces and other Asian countries.

- 中国西南市场近年来持续加速发展,蔬菜水果和特色农作物品类丰富。

- 西南地区大规模种植的兴起,为农业高新技术和优秀农资产品创造了商机,特别是提升农产品品质和产量的植物营养产品。

- 成都作为西南重镇,交通便利、商业氛围浓厚。

Our Focus 今年的主题
  • QUALITY: How to improve the quality of crop productions? How to make the fresh products healthier? What are the features and benefits of quality plant nutrition products and services?
  • TECHNOLOGY: how the new technologies contributes to a more productive and sustainable agricultural system?
  • OPPORTUNITY: Dessiminate the benefits and payback of efficient specialty fertilizers and biostimulants, work with progressive distributors enhancing service support to growers.
  • 品质:如何提升农作物品质?如何让我们的农作物更加健康?高品质的植物营养产品和服务到底有何特别之处?
  • 科技:高新技术是如何为产出更高、可持续性更强的现代农业体系做出贡献的?
  • 商机:宣传高效特肥和生物刺激物产品的益处与高回报率,携手领先经销商,提高为农户服务的技能。

Who should attend? 谁来参会?

Ag input distributors and traders, Export growers, Suppliers allowing efficient production and sustainable harvests in covered and open field crops grown, Agronomists, Scientist, Agricultural and Crop Consultants, Plant Protection Product Manufacturers, Research Institutions, Academics, Journalists, Government Agencies, Cooperatives, Fruit Export traders, Financial Sector Representatives, Service Providers


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