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Mar 21
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9:30am - 1:00pm 210 mins
Workshop #1
New York City Trenz®Walk: Discover Emerging Opportunity, Anticipate the Customer Demands of Tomorrow
  • Mikel Cirkus - Global Creative Director, Strategic Foresight, Firmenich

Led by world-renowned global trends expert Mikel Cirkus, Global Creative Director, Strategic Foresight, Firmenich

Why You Need It:
All marketers need to be able to connect with consumer today- and tomorrow.

What It Is:
An eye-opening walk around NYC exploring the areas where change is happening: the street scene, edgy neighborhoods, offbeat galleries, alternative stores, bars and restaurants.

What You’ll Bring Back to your Business:
The Trenz®Walk will help you discover potential emerging opportunities, allowing you and your team to more rapidly and effectively anticipate consumer demands.

Want to Learn More?: 
Trenz®Walks enable us to create insights by looking at change from all perspectives, to define the big shifts that are happening and show what this all means for the future of our business in terms of opportunities and threats. We collect insights, we monitor their development and we connect information from different sources to build a compelling narrative of change.

9:30am - 12:00pm 150 mins
Workshop #2
Storytelling for Business Bootcamp
  • Julie Anixter - Founder, Ensemble Works

Led by communications pro Julie Anixter

Why You Need It:

Without being able to effectively communicate and get buy-in from the business (or your boss), any great new digital initiative will fail to launch.


What Skills Will You Develop?

You’ll leave this workshop with a mastery of how to put together an effective pitch to the business that inspires action.

Want to Learn More? 

You have to communicate bigger and bigger data to audiences with shorter attention spans. Now you have to build trust instantly too - live and virtually. You have to inspire people to take action, to engage in turbulent times. Communications pro Julie Anixter shares the lessons from Seth Godin’s approach to Modern Marketing and Anett Grant’s Executive Speaking in this hands-on workshop to help you up your presentations skills

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