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Sep 04
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10:00 - 16:00 360 mins
Enviromental Risk assessment and modelling requirements
Enviromental Risk assessment and modelling requirements
  • Ed Pilling - Regulatory Ecotoxicologist, Dow
  • Krisztian Szegedi - Global Environmental Modelling, BASF
  • Gerhard Goerlitz - Group Leader-Environmental Modelling, Bayer
  • Anne Alix - EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Policy leader and risk management leader, Dow
  • Manousos Foudoulakis - Global regulatory ecotoxicologist, Dow

Explaining the requirements of regulatory managers for environmental testing

  • Understanding the basic requirements for environmental testing
  • Explaining the end points and results needed for successful environmental testing
  • Exploring the requirements of regulatory managers in the environmental testing process

Update on current environmental guidance documents and the requirements for regulatory managers

  • Understanding the kinetics guidance document
  • Update on the ongoing frameworks of etox guidance
  • Overview of the changing landscape of environmental testing and the impact this will have on regulatory managers

Challenges for risk management in the EU

  • Overview of the common concerns with risk management
  • Overcoming common challenges for risk management

Understanding the aged sorption opinion

  • Overview of the requirements of aged sorption option testing
  • Understanding the ongoing concerns with the guidance document
  • Clarity on how to perform and read these studies

The impact of the bee guidance

  • Overview and understanding of the bee guidance
  • Analysing the impact this will have on environmental testing

The EFSA aquatic guidance document revisited: Problems and possible solutions for the future”

Understanding the future of ecological modelling

  • The impact of landscape modelling of environmental testing
  • Understanding the requirements of Ecological modelling
  •  Outlook on the expectations of ecological modelling
10:00 - 16:00 360 mins
Biological workshop
Understanding and ensuring Compliance for Biological registration
  • Jeroen Meeussen - EU Minor Uses Coordinator , EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility

Introduction into Biopesticides registrations 

  • What is considered a Biopesticide?
  • Understanding Timeframes
  • Explaining data requirements of Biopesticide registration

Understanding the difference between Biopesticide and agrochemical Registration processes 

  •  Comparing the regulatory process for Biopesticides and Agrochemical
  •  Overcoming the biggest hurdles of Biopesticides hurdles

Understanding the environmental testing and risk assessment required for successful registration 

  • Case study experience of successful environmental risk assessment
  • Best Practices to ensure effective risk management strategies

Preparing dossiers for Biopesticides regulation 

  • Technical understanding of how to prepare Biopesticides dossier
  • Strategies for creating dossiers for all European submissions

Defining the boundaries between Biostimulants and Biopesticide regulation 

  • Common pitfalls when comparing Biopesticides and Biostimulants registrations
  • The biggest issues with regulating products on the boundary of Biopesticides and Biostimulants


Afternoon Biostimulants 


Understanding the basics of Biostimulants registration 

  • Understanding Timeframes
  • Explaining requirements of Biostimulants registration
  • Understanding how to define Biostimulants

Examining the requirements for Biostimulants under new fertilizer regulation 

  •  Understanding the impact of industry
  •   How to prepare for the regulation

Explaining the criteria of Biostimulants without the Fertilizer regulation 

  •  How Biostimulants are regulated without the fertilizer regulation
  •  Understanding the key challenges

Best practices for creating Biostimulants dossiers 

  •  Technical understanding of how to prepare Biostimulant dossier
  • Strategies for creating dossiers for all European submissions

Understanding the key assessments required for Biostimulants 

  •  Case study experience of successful environmental risk assessment
  • Best Practices to ensure effective risk assessment strategies
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