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Discover our broad course portfolio

With BioProcess International Academy you can study a range of topics relating to the whole bioprocess including continuous manufacturing, single use systems and CMC analytical studies. Explore the full range of our upcoming online academies and workshops by downloading the calendar.

Upcoming Online Academies

A Beginner's Guide to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Learn to confidently navigate the entire bioprocess on this introductory 4-week online academy.

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Bioprocess and Analytical Method Development

During this 4-week online academy you will explore the unique challenges and opportunities in the development and manufacture of biotech products.

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A Practical Guide to Single Use Technologies

During this 4-week online academy you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of using single use technologies to manufacture biopharmaceuticals.

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Early Stage Upstream Process Development

On this 5-week online academy you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundations for successful upstream process development.

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Upstream Process Scale-Up and Validation

On this 4-week online academy you will learn how to overcome challenges with scale-up and process transfer to ensure successful integration of upstream processes with downstream process development.

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A Practical Guide to Biosimilar Development Strategies

Discover how to effectively position your biosimilar on the market and maintain compliance on this 4-week online academy.

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A Beginner's Guide to Continuous Processing for Biopharmaceuticals

Learn how to enhance the productivity and quality of your biopharmaceutical drug by adopting a continuous process on this 5-week online academy.

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Regulatory and Compliance Requirements for CMC Analytical Studies

Discover key regulatory requirements for CMC analytical studies to ensure global compliance on this 4-week online course.

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Methods and Reference Standards for CMC Analytical Studies

Gain a comprehensive understanding of technical standards for CMC analytical studies on this online course

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Product Specifications, Stability, Comparability and Similarity for CMC Analytical Studies

Learn best practices for ensuring the quality and efficacy of your products on this online course.

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Developing, Analysing and Validating Bioassays and Immunoassays

Get to grips with assay development, troubleshooting and performance management in this detailed 5-week online academy. 

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Upcoming Classroom Training

Biopharmaceutical School

Gain a practical overview of the processes involved in bringing a biopharmaceutical drug to market on this 3-day course led by our expert faculty and joined by guest speakers from GSK and Imperial College London.

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Continuous Manufacturing for Biopharmaceuticals

On this 2-day course you will discover how to develop a continuous bioprocess, and compare the pros and cons with batch manufacture.

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Bioprocess Characterisation, Qualification and Validation

On this 2-day course you will develop a deep understanding of bioprocessing to ensure quality and compliance.

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Upstream Bioprocess Development

Gain a clear overview of upstream process development for successful transfer to downstream processing on this 2-day course. 

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Analysing Bioassays and Immunoassays

Learn the essential computational processes necessary to analyse data from bioassays and immunoassays on this 2-day course.

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Tech Transfer for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Learn how and why Tech Transfer occurs and about the different types of transfer that occur during a biopharmaceutical’s life cycle on this 2-day course.

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Comparability for Biologics

Gain an understanding of regulatory and technical considerations to help you manage process change in the manufacture of biologics on this 2-day course.

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Applying Big Data Analytics in Bioprocessing

Familiarise yourself with advanced statistical software to analyse Big Data from your bioprocess on this 2-day course.

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Advanced CMC Analytical Studies and Lab Quality

Undertake a deep strategic analysis of CMC studies to increase efficiency across the board and reduce costly delays caused by non-compliance on this 2-day course.

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