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In 1986, Dr Prof Roland De Jonghe, founder of Biobest, invented and produced the bumblebees for the greenhouse tomato pollination. It was the revolution of greenhouse tomato pollination in the world. Simultaneously, he founded the first company that commercially produces bumblebees for pollination of greenhouse vegetables--BIOBEST.

Biobest is the leading company of the protected crops pollination and integrated Pest Management (IPM), keeping the renovation in the new Biobest continues to research and develop in new fields.  To contribute to global sustainable production of high-value crops by being the most reliable partner in pollination and biological crop protection

Biobest Group has 22 branch companies all over the world, with distributors in more than 70 countries, including: Canada, the United States, Morocco, France, Turkey, Argentina, Kenya, Israel, China and other countries, to provide the growers tailor-made advic. We focus on the pollination and integrated pest management of vegetables, ornamental plants, berries, Breeding, herb-medicine and medical Cannabis.

As a leading company in bumblebee production since 1987, Biobest has become the world's leading in integrated pest management company.

Biobest are well known because of the wide range of beneficial insects, mites, nematodes, biological pesticides, bumblebees, pest monitoring systems, pheromones. etc.

Using bumblebee as natural pollinator in the greenhouse and plastic tunnel, save a lot of labor, reduce the gray mold, prevent from hormone damages, improve the quality, reduce the rate of deformity fruit and significantly increases the yield. Bumblebee has become a popular technology in greenhouse vegetable.

In China, bumblebee pollination has been widely used in tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, pepper, melons, as well as ornamental plants and plant and breeding.

1986年,Biobest碧奥特公司创始人罗兰德博士(Dr Prof Roland De Jonghe)发现熊蜂,并将其驯化、专业生产,用于温室番茄授粉,是温室番茄授粉的革命。同时创建了全球第一个商业生产熊蜂为温室蔬菜授粉的公司,BIOBEST——碧奥特公司。





在温室和塑料大棚生产中使用熊蜂作为天然传粉媒介, 节省了大量的劳动力、减少灰霉病、防激素中毒、改善质量、降低畸形果率并显著增加产量;在温室蔬菜种植中,熊蜂已成为一个常用的技术。